“Sustainable tomorrow is not possible without you”


It is the sustainability approach of Norm Holding and our affiliated companies. With our “future matters” vision adopted by all our companies and stakeholders, we work and collaborate for the construction of this sustainable future. We design and achieve the sustainable world of the future within the framework of a common purpose, drawing strength from diversity within our sectors and stakeholders.


We value work to support the transformation and development of society and the business world especially our customers. While ensuring this transformation with high added value, high quality, safe and innovative products, we support the development of the sectors and regions in which we operate, thanks to the responsible investment approach we have adopted as the Holding.


We believe in the importance of acting quickly in order to slow down the effects of the climate crisis, adapting to changing climatic conditions and promoting the sustainable use of natural resources.


We derive our strength from research, development and innovation in order to combat today's environmental and social problems, turn risks into opportunities and create the ideal conditions for the business world of the future.


We adopt a people-centered approach to support gender equality, protect our competitiveness by utilizing the power of diversity and inclusion, train competent employees for the sectors in which we operate, increase local employment, and we want to create value for people.

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