Succeed Together

We share life and success with each other. We make a difference with our flexible and creative solutions. We always stay one step ahead, among the best. We are a team that supports and learns from each other. We work in harmony and go beyond our own limits.

Kaizen Awards

Kaizen studies are a source of motivation for our teams by improving our company culture and increasing the ability to work as a team. We carry out the OHS, quality, efficiency, cost improvement and development studies of our processes in all our companies within the Holding, with the Kaizen studies that come through the suggestion system. Kaizen process starts with our staff entering suggestions into the system in a digital environment through QDMS mobile and web applications. The accepted suggestions are examined by our method department experts and studies are started according to their Kaizen category, then the completed Kaizen studies are evaluated and scored according to our Appreciation and Rewarding Procedures. Kaizen points collected in each quarter of the year are given to our personnel as gift certificates.

Power of the Field, Power of Norm

The “Power of the Field, Power of Norm” project, which aims to ensure the development of first-level managers with the principle of managing the field, was designed and put into practice in 2018. With this project, which aims to train candidates for the positions of Field Leader and Team Leader, we were honored with the Silver award from TEGEP in the category of Blue Collar Development Programs in 2020.

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Performance Management System

With the Performance Management System, it is aimed to ensure that the career goals of the employees are integrated in the same direction with the company goals, and constantly improve the performance of the employees and the group in order to increase the corporate performance. In addition, it is aimed to reward individual success and encourage better performance,guide development plans by sharing mutual expectations of managers and employees and develop competencies. This system, which is based on the culture and covers all employees since 2018, is constantly updated in line with dynamically developing and changing needs.

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