Life At Norm

To do better, to celebrate and to embrace life, to success, to the future, we are: #MovingForwardTogether


We share life and success with each other.
We make a difference with our flexible and creative solutions.
We always stay one step ahead, among the best.
We are a team that supports and learns from each other.
We work in harmony and go beyond our own limits.

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We believe in the healing power of sustained progress,
We break the traditional molds and pursue different avenues for holistic quality.
We combine the wisdom of today with our half a century experience,
and walk confidently towards the future.

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Hiring Process

By focusing on innovation in recruitment processes, we develop methods and programs that will objectively evaluate candidates, support the selection of the most suitable talent for the role and team, and ensure equality and diversity.

Our priority in the recruitment processes is to bring in visionary, innovative, development-oriented, high-potential talents with the necessary competencies and experience, who will add value to Norm Holding in achieving its global strategy and goals, in line with the company culture and values.

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